the coffee shop


Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm

Saturday - Sunday 9am to 5pm

Our coffee shop provides bar height work stations along the window. We also have table seating and a kid friendly nook/library area for a more serene yet kid friendly space. Cafe items will be all local items as we are excited to showcase and provide local favorites from the neighborhood. We will provide a local roaster, Metric Coffee, and also a family owned local roaster, Good Manner.  We carry Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits and Farmer's Fridge Salads here at the coffee shop! Stop on in for a slice of the seasonal pie, Carmel Latte, deliciuos biscuit and so many more offereings.

Bang Bang Pies & Biscuits

  • Chocolate Chess!

  • Key Lime Pie!

  • Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake!

  • Seasonal Slices

    • Pumkin Pie​ (Oct. 1st)

    • Maple (Oct. 1st)

  • Biscuits​, served with sorghum butter and blueberry jam

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Farmer's Fridge


NO Outside Food.