the play space

We take fun seriously. After years of practice being big kids ourselves, playing with our nieces and nephews, and now as parents, having fun with our kids is top priority. We have done ‘market research’ and traveled to all different types of indoor play spaces in the deep suburbs to observe and test which equipment is the most engaging, fun, interactive, and safe, while providing important sensory and active play for growth and development. The play system was specifically designed for be kids cafe and includes a 32 foot drop slide, monkey bars, balance bridge, look out points, fireman climb, and area for building blocks.

The baby/toddler space is completely separate but visible to the play system. This will ensure safety between age groups but still provide an engaging experience and allow parents to watch multiple kids. It will include soft play items for sensory and developmental play.

Daily Passes

First Child:               $16

First Sibling:             $8

Additional siblings:    $5

*Pass good for All Day Play!


Monday - Friday

8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday


9:00 am to 2 pm

*Every Friday afternoon we will post on Instagram & Facebook 'if ' we will stay open past 2pm.

Cafe open until 5:00 pm


Saturday - Sunday

2:00 pm Closed for Private Parties

Don't forget the socks and sign the onlne waiver!


Free WiFi

Monthly Memberships

First Child:                $120

First Sibling:              $75

Second Sibling:          $50

Additional Siblings:     $25

Yearly Membership

Fist Child:               $1,200

First Sibling:            $ 300

Additional Siblings:    $ 200

*There is a one time $35 registration fee when signing up for a membership.